directed by RAMÓN TORT and RAI BENACH


Trying to explain to the world the “casteller” sentiment is an important challenge.

Far from the human constructions that the rest of the world knows, the “castells” have a concrete way to socially organize them, which lets us better understand the society in which they live.

The world discovers little by little the “castells” with playful curiosity. Men, women and kids work together to achieve a common goal. But the truth is that behind all of this, there’s a hidden complex universe of human relationships, of details and co-creations that make this activity something much more eccentric and curious than one would think.


Genre:                         FEATURE DOCUMENTARY
Duration:                    70′
Nationality:               SPANISH
Format:                       DCP 2:35
Production year:      2018-2020


Director:                      RAMON TORT 
                                       RAI BENACH
Producer:                   ORIOL MARCOS
Screenwriters:          RAMON TORT
                                       RAI BENACH
Cameras:                   ROMÀ CABA                                 
                                       JORDI CANCHALES                                 
                                       JOAN MONTSERRAT                                 
                                       JORDI CABESTANY                                 
                                       FERRAN GASSIOT                                
                                       JESÚS BECERRIL 
Production:               TIFFANY RUOZ