FIESTAS WWW: Noche de los muertos

directed by JESÚS ALVIRA


Día de Muertos. A deeply vital party.

Human beings do things that, seen from the outside, are not normal.

Imagine what would anyone think, someone who does not know our species, if they saw us put food and drink to the dead to come and spend a few hours with us at during the celebration? And most surprisingly, if he saw that Death will agree and dance with us to celebrate it? He would surely think that the human being is very crazy. And when he goes to the FIESTA he is capable of everything.

Fiesta World Wide” is a documentary series that travels the world to know the most impressive, interesting and attractive parties that humanity has created.In this chapter we will try to understand one of the most disturbing and exciting parties for the human being. To understand it, we will go into all its aspects and circumstances. But we will do it from a foreign point of view, which from ingenuity and ignorance will allow us to discover how hilarious, surprising, strange but always fun that humans can seem before the clean and innocent gaze of an alien.

Their opinion can be reaffirmed episode by episode.

That’s the human species. Understanding is not easy, but it’s always fun to watch.

Fiesta World Wide. Looking for the “why?” about each fiesta.





Genre:                   TV DOCUMENTARY
Duration:              55′
Broadcast:           Weekly
Format:                 HD 16:9
TV Channel:        La2 (TvE) & Canal Viajar (FOX)



Director:              JESÚS ALVIRA   
Producer:            ORIOL MARCOS
Producer:            DAVID CIURANA
Screenwriter:    JESÚS ALVIRA
Screenwriter:    TONI MATA                  
Director:              MANUEL RODRÍGUEZ
Camera:              XAVIER MARRADES           
Editor:                  MANUEL RODRÍGUEZ